What are the legal requirements in regard to confined space entry?

The Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (Confined Spaces) Regulations 2001 cover all work in relation to confined spaces.

Regulation 5 states that:

  • A person shall not carry out work in Confined Spaces if it is reasonably practical that it could be avoided
  • If the work must be carried out Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment must be carried out prior to the work commencing
  • A person shall not enter a confined space unless there is a system of work in place that has been planned, organised, performed and maintained so as to render that work safe and without risk to health
  • Anyone entering a confined space must be provided with appropriate information, training and instruction appropriate to the particular characteristics of the proposed work activities Read More


Which Confined Space Training Course is Right for My Participant(s)?

Once you have carried out a risk assessment of the confined space, the below table should help simplify your decision making. Please note this is a guideline only, especially as courses can vary, our advisers are happy to help you further in relation to choosing a confined space course.

Course Title Confined Space
Confined Space
Low – Medium Risk
Confined Space
Medium – High Risk
Confined Space
Confined Space
Medium Risk
Confined Space
High Risk
Course Outline View View View View View View
Confined Space Entry NO YES YES YES YES YES
Certification House Certificate House Certificate House Certificate House Certificate Accredited Certificate Accredited Certificate
Recognised in Ireland* YES YES YES YES YES YES
Recognised in the UK NO NO NO NO YES YES
Duration Half Day 1-Day 2-Days +1 Day 2/3-days 3/4-days

* Please note that some contractors in Ireland will require an Accredited Confined Space Certificate to gain entry to the confined space. In this scenario please opt for the Confined Space Medium Risk or the Confined Space High Risk courses. If you are unsure as to which certificate the contractor requires, we advise asking them before booking a confined space course.