First Aid RESPONSE Instruction Training Course

The First Aid Response Instructor training course is referred to as: First Aid Response Instruction, First Aid Responder Instructor, First Aid Responder Instruction, FAR Instructor and FAR Instruction.

This course covers all the essential aspects of first aid training including: providing participants with the knowledge, skills and attitude to effectively train others to be occupational first aiders. On successful competition of this course participants will be able to give effective presentations, communicate well, and will be confident assessing learners on their courses. This course is designed for participants who wish to be qualified to train others the First Aid Response course.

Available as an Onsite Course

Available as a Public Course

Course Objectives

Upon completion of the First Aid Response Instruction course the participant will be able to:

  • Demonstrate competence with the prepared clinical course content, critiqued by the course director
  • Demonstrate competence in the use of the teaching and the audio-visual material provided and technical skills in the use of the product
  • Demonstrate presentation skills using the specific course product
  • Apply the conditions and principles of adult learning
  • Demonstrate appropriate class management skills adopting adult learning techniques.
  • Demonstrate appropriate assessment skills using the accreditation provider’s material and processes.
  • Demonstrate good verbal and non-verbal communication skills to effectively articulate the required information in an engaging and stimulating way
  • Demonstrate a mature level of interpersonal skills to develop a good faculty/student/instructor rapport.
  • Demonstrate enthusiasm, motivation, empathy and commitment when presenting the material.
  • Demonstrate effective time management skills to ensure delivery of the entire learning package within course time constraints.
  • Demonstrate appropriate health, safety and welfare throughout the course and risk assessments for scenario work.
  • Ensure currency with all the Accreditation provider documentation, standards and examination processes.
  • Demonstrate assessment and evaluation in accordance with the course specific requirements of the Accreditation provider.
  • Design a First Aid Response course
Course Topics
  • Psychology of training
  • Principles of adult learning, role of the trainer, K, S & A of a trainer
  • Adult learning styles
  • Class management and challenging learners
  • Lesson planning
  • Teaching media and methods
  • Fear / confidence
  • Communication skills
  • Building rapport with learners
  • Preparing for a course, housekeeping, H&S
  • FAR course and protocol
  • Assessment and certification of learners
  • FAR documentation and records

The Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (General Application) Regulations 2007: Part 7 – Chapter 2: Regulation 165(1)(b) requires employers to designate at each place of work under the employer’s control the number of occupational first-aiders as is necessary, and to give first aid training at the place of work concerned.


A maximum of 8 participants can attend each First Aid Response Instructor Training session.


The First Aid Response Instructor training sessions is 2-days  in duration

The participant will also need to complete monitoring days (usually 3)

5 days total


On successful competition of the First Aid Response Instructor course participants will receive an Accredited Certificate. The certification will expire after 2-years.


Participants are required to renew their training by completing a refresher course. Renewals should happen before the certification expires, or sooner if indicated by their company’s risk assessment.

Course Entry Requirements

  • Participants must have a valid First Aid Response Certificate
  • Participants must have a valid CFR Instructor Certificate
  • Participants will need to be available to complete monitoring days as scheduled by trainer/training partner

Site Requirements

There are no special site requirements  associated with this course.

Public Course Dates

Summary Of Assessments

SAQ Examination. Participants will have their skills assessed throughout or at the end of the course. In addition they need to successfully complete the monitoring days (minimum 2, usually 3). 

Useful Information

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