First Aid Response Training Course

This course is referred to as First Aid Response, First Aid Responder or FAR. This course replaces the Occupational First Aid course or OFA.

The new First Aid Response training course is a foundation first aid course that trains participants to provide first aid for a person who becomes suddenly unwell or injured until the arrival of emergency medical services.

This course is designed to meet a company’s occupational first aid requirements. However, this course is also very popular with individuals who would like to gain first aid skills and knowledge e.g. parents, sports clubs, community groups etc.

COVID-19 First Aid Re-certification

Due to COVID-19, first aid responders whose certification lapsed in from March 2020 and were unable to complete their refresher training during the lock-down, were given time to re-certify at a later date.

This deadline date for re-certification has now been announced as the 31st October 2020.

Participants who postponed re-certification due to COVID-19 and miss the 31st October 2020 deadline will no longer be counted as occupational first aider until they complete the full 3-day course again.

Available as an Onsite Course

Available as a Public Course

Course Objectives
On completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Display skills and knowledge related to the delivery of a first aid response.
  • Display the requisite personal skills including: composure, competence and self-confidence, while understanding their limitations.
  • Provide first aid in the workplace and other environments, including: home and recreational settings.
  • Recognise and assess the causes and effects of sudden illness or injury in a pre-hospital environment.
  • Calling the emergency medical services for assistance and provide adequate cover until their arrival.
  • Provide first aid for conditions not thought to be life-threatening, but are necessary to prevent further harm, before the arrival of a healthcare provider.
  • Record and report the actions and interventions taken when providing first aid during an incident.
Course Topics
  • Patient assessment
  • Incident procedure
  • Cardiac First Response (CFR)
  • Common medical  emergencies
  • Injury management and shock
  • Care of the unconscious patient
  • Burns and electrical injuries
  • Hypothermia and hyperthermia
  • Information management and communications
  • Wellbeing of the First Aid Responder
The Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (General Application) Regulations 2007: Part 7 – Chapter 2: Regulation 165(1)(b) requires employers to designate at each place of work under the employer’s control the number of occupational first-aiders as is necessary, and to give first aid training at the place of work concerned.


A maximum of 8 participants can attend each First Aid Response training session. Larger class sizes are possible providing that the ratio of 8 participants to 1 trainer is maintained.


First Aid Response training sessions are 3-days in duration.


On successful competition of the First Aid Response course, participants will receive an Accredited Certificate. The certification will expire after 2 years.

Please note, there is no 90-day grace period associated with this course.


After participants have completed the First Aid Response training course, they must complete a 2-day First Aid Response Refresher course every 2-years in order to keep their qualification active and recognised.

Course Entry Requirements

There are no special entry requirements for participants associated with this course.

Site Requirements

There are no special site requirements  associated with this course.

Public Course Dates

Summary Of Assessments
Multiple Choice Questionnaire (MCQ) Exam + Skills Assessment (x5)

Useful Information

Health & Safety Publications

Text Books Provided

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