Temporary Works Coordinator Training Course

This Temporary Works Awareness course clarifies what temporary works are, identifies common issues resulting from badly managed temporary works and reviews internationally recognised standards for managing temporary works.

This course assumes limited previous knowledge of temporary works. It’s aim is to provide delegates with a clear understanding of what temporary works are and to gain an understanding and knowledge of industry recognised systems which can be used to control and reduce the risks arising from temporary works.

Attendance does NOT confer competency as a Temporary Works Coordinator or Supervisor.

Available as an Onsite Course

Available as a Public Course

Course Objectives

Temporary works are the parts of a construction project that are needed to enable the permanent works to be built.  Usually the temporary works are removed after use – eg access scaffolds, props, shoring, excavation support, falsework and formwork, etc.  Sometimes the temporary works are incorporated into the permanent works – eg haul road foundations and crane or piling platforms may be used for hardstanding or road foundations.  

It is very important that the same degree of care and attention is given to the design and construction of temporary works as to the design and construction of the permanent works.  As temporary works may be in place for only a short while there is a tendency to assume they are less important.  This is incorrect.  Lack of care with design, selection, assembly, etc leaves temporary works liable to fail or collapse.  This places people at risk of injury and can cause the project to be delayed.

The person organising the temporary works needs to be aware of the problems that can occur at each stage of the process and how to prevent these.  They need to coordinate design, selection of equipment, appointment of contractors, supervision of work, checking completion, authorisation to load and removal.  Unless this is done in a thorough and systematic way problems are likely to occur.

This Temporary Works Awareness course clarifies what temporary works are, identifies common issues resulting from badly managed temporary works and reviews internationally recognised standards for managing temporary works.

  • Raise awareness and impart knowledge of what constitutes temporary works, their function and to understand their safety critical importance.
  • Familiarise delegates with industry recognised general procedures for managing temporary works and the tools available to help with the process
  • Review the procedures outlined in BS 5975:2008 which are recognised as industry best practise and have been adopted internationally within the construction industry.
  • To identify the references to temporary works in ROI Health & Safety Legislation and HSA guidance and the relationship between temporary works designers and the PSDS/PSCS.
  • To be able to identify common temporary works issues and the temporary works management process.
  • Raise awareness of the roles and responsibilities involved in the temporary works process.
  • Raise standards and improve knowledge which could be applied across the industry, thus avoiding unnecessary supplementary training.
  • To allow delegates to appreciate the statutory requirements and the health & safety roles and responsibilities relating to temporary works.
  • To allow delegates to demonstrate they have received formal training on general temporary works awareness.
Course Topics
  • What is deemed temporary works.
  • How temporary works are used.
  • The role of safety in temporary works.
  • Common issues associated with temporary works.
  • The management processes.
  • Understand what constitutes temporary works.
  • Know how temporary works are used.
  • Understand the importance of safety and how to overcome common issues.
  • Common issues associated with temporary works.
  • Understand the need for management processes.

The course is based on Section 2 of BS5975:2008 +A1:2011 which is the internationally recognised standard used to manage temporary work.


A maximum of 20 participants can attend each Temporary Works Awareness training session.


Temporary Works Awareness training sessions are a 1-day in duration.


On successful competition of the Temporary Works Awareness course participants will receive a House Certificate. The certification will expire after 3- years.


Participants are required to renew their training by completing the course again. Renewals should happen before the certification expires, or sooner if indicated by their company’s risk assessment.

Public Course Dates

Course Entry Requirements

There are no special entry requirements for participants associated with this course. 

Site Requirements

There are no special site requirements  associated with this course.

Summary Of Assessments

Useful Information

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