What is a Safety Representative?

Safety representatives have be nominated by their fellow employees/ colleagues to represent them in safety committee meetings and have the responsibility for fostering proactive communication between management and employees on health and safety issues.

Safety Representative Training:

The safety representative training course outlines the roles and functions of a health and safety representative. It trains the participant to promote and maintain sound principles to safety and health issues as part of a total strategy to reduce hazards and risks in the workplace.


What is a Safety Officer?

Safety Officers have been appointed by management to represent the company  in safety committee meetings. Managing health and safely and compliance in line with both their organisation’s policy and best practice is part of their job description/ role.

Safety Officer Introduction Training:

Safety officer introduction courses provide participants with the knowledge and skills they require to manage resource and risk in compliance with their organisation’s policy and best practice in health and safety. It’s designed to give participants all they need to know to help them handle health and safety in their teams.


Which Course Should I Choose for My Participant?

The below table sumarises the difference between the courses to assist you with choosing the correct course for your needs. Please note this is a guideline only, our advisers are happy to help should you require further advice.

Course Title Accredited Safety Representative House Cert Safety Representative Health & Safety at Work Managing Safely Managing Safely Construction
Course Outline View View View View View
Course Type Safety Representative Safety Representative Safety Officer Intro Safety Officer Intro Safety Officer Intro
Certification Accredited House Certificate Accredited Accredited Accredited
Recognised in Ireland YES YES YES YES YES
Recognised in the UK NO NO NO YES YES
Covers Irish Construction Regulations NO NO NO NO YES
Course Duration 4-days 2/3-days 5-days 3/4-days 4-days
Refresher Duration  Do full course again Do full course again Do full course again 1-day Refresher 1-day Refresher


Can Safety Representative and Safety Officer Courses be Substituted for Each Other ?

In our opinion, the Safety Representative course is not a substitute for the Introduction to Safety Officer courses.

However, should you require the Safety Representative course and it not reasonably practicable e.g. there is no public course running in a reasonable travel distance to the participant, the Introduction to being a Safety Officer Course can be substituted.

Moreover, if your Safety Rep is required to have their qualification recognised in the UK or be knowledgeable on the Irish Construction Regulations, some of the Introduction to being a Safety Officer Courses may be a better fit.

As always we recommend first checking your own company risk assessment and safety statement to ensure you are choosing the right course for your needs. We also highly recommend that if you are undertaking a course based on the requirement of a third-party example: insurance company, contractor, tender application etc. that you check with them before booking your course.