The Manual Handling Instruction course has no defined expiry date, it is an award for life so re-certification is not mandatory. 

However, continuous professional development (CPD) will be important for instructors to maintain their competence and to remain up to date with ongoing developments in the area of manual handling and people handling. CPD can take any form including refresher training or attendance at conferences in the subject areas or other relevant training. There is no specific time period as to when CPD should occur. Typically CPD is ongoing. Read More

Alternatively, participants can renew their training by completing the 1-or-2 day Manual Handling Instruction Refresher course. to gain entry on to the Manual Handling Instruction Refresher course participants must have a valid Accredited manual handling instruction certificate. The course needs to be have been completed no more than 5 years ago. We require a copy from each participant’s previous certification minimum  prior to attending the course.